The Grey Matter With Ali

I’d been wrestling with the issue of whether to finally let my very obvious silver hair grow out for years and finally, after having a ‘surprise’ baby at 40, I knew enough was enough.  I discovered an amazing group of people through Diana Jewell, who wrote a brilliant, helpful and inspirational book called Going Gray, Looking Good.  She had just set up a website, which became a forum called CafeGray.  Through this site, I literally meet hundreds of women, all at totally different stages of their ‘transition’ to grey.  I honestly don’t think I would have stuck with it without that support.  Here are a few of my hair pics from beginning to fully transitioned:

green and pink

Age 15 with my best buddy Sheline at the Whitstable Carnival in 1985 outsdie Birdies. I will resolutely not apologise for this. We rocked. The clothes, I’m not so sure about – but it was the 80’s…


A new strategy – bleach it! In my mind, I looked just like Paula Yates (swoon), but Paul never had hair like fluffy chewing gum…


It’s all grey. It’s all short. I look a bit like a 15th century monk.


Thank god it grew….


… and grew…..


And grew. Phew.

Check out the blog here and please share any stories you have about wanting to go grey, scared of going grey or your own transition.



  1. That made me laugh as ive had my hair dyed so i can apply the blue over the top to give a general Silver And lavender look . I thought it look great till whilst on night duty last week when a police officer stated ‘ o wow love your hair … you look like Miss Haversham ‘ !!!!

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