Written Work

Blogs and Fiction

I am an author of two books and several blogs.  Writing is more of a compulsion than anything as I get older and I can feel the centrifugal force of the dreaded screenplay sucking me in.  I’m resisting so far.

In 2011 I began writing a blog as I transitioned from dyed hair to silver sister.  Please check out some snippets from TheGreyMatterWithAli on that page and the full blog on the link there.


In 2012 I self published my first novel, Hollowshore.  It got a great reception and got through to the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  I have put some excerpts and the Infrared images I used for the book cover on the Hollowshore page.  I published under the pen name Alison Olive last time…




My second novel, Down From London is published for Kindle, click here DOWN FROM LONDON.  In order to develop an audience, I blogged for a year leading up to publication as one of my main characters – the infuriating C.K. Blaine.  Visit his blog here livingthedreamdfl.  DOWN FROM LONDON has been very warmly received and is also available to buy from Harbour Books in Harbour Street, Whitstable.


Fund and Bid Writing

I’m also a bid writer and have written successful funding bids for European Funding (Erasmus Programme) and Heritage Lottery.  I contributed to the research for the Accentuate bid to support the legacy of the 2012 Olympics, from which Screen South were able to launch a fully accessible video making/sharing platform called Uscreen.

I was the Audience Development and Education Executive for Screen South for five years and regularly ran funding panels and assessed funding applications.  I worked directly with over fifty film festivals a year in the South East.   Cinecity Film Festival is an excellent example of a very high quality, regional festival that attracts significant inward investment to Brighton through tourism and it’s international links. Funding for festivals now is either through Creative England or the BFI.

During my time at Rainer working in the Kent 16plus team, I researched and contributed to a successful partnership and funding bid with the Princes Trust.  This then led to our own Peer Mentoring project which I co-delivered in Kent.


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