On Your Bike

On Your Bike is a coming of age documentary about my dad, who, at the age of 17, cycled the epic journey from Glasgow to London to find his estranged father. It took him from his home in the over crowded smog-clogged slum tenements, through some of the most unspoilt countryside down the East Coast of England, via unexpected family reunions and the kindness of strangers, to the inevitable meeting that was far short of what he had hoped and dreamed of.

Now in his 81st year, this heart rending story uses interview, re-creation and archive stills, audio archive and archive film to create a moving and atmospheric parable about forgiveness.

I’m against the clock with this one (he’s in pretty good nick though) – but this is not a story than can be rushed.  Try getting the same story out of a Scotsman two days in a row for a start…










The back view of my dad’s old tenement flat.


Second building on the right, last set of windows, 4th story – my dad’s old tenement in Glasgow.

Archive photographs obtained for use from the Mitchell Library in Glasgow


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