Down From London

Copy of Down From London KINDLE

Time to come clean.  Since July 3rd 2014 I’ve been living a double life.  I’ve been normal me, wife and mum of three, and I’ve been Him – Conrad (C.K.) Blaine, one of the main characters in my new book, DOWN FROM LONDON.

I won’t have to explain what Blaine is like if you read the blog, but let’s just say he upset a few people – mainly ladies who took exception to his opinions about his wife’s bottom. Oh, and there was Mumsnet.  (Hello Mumsnet).  By and large, by the end of the blog, people were fairly fond of him and although they didn’t always agree with what he said about the town, they quite liked him.  Or rather, they liked to hate him.

I couldn’t have done it without the collusion of a fair amount of people who ‘appeared’ in the blog, either somewhere in the background or as themselves.  The highlights were ‘Whitstabooty’ with two girlfriends on the beach (tears were shed), and every time my husband ‘bearded up’ to play the part of C.K.

Here are a couple of the making of photos from the blog.

IMG_6553 IMG_6554 IMG_6680

And the finished Blaine, who regularly got complimented on his beard by men.  He has a female following too, which is both disturbing and exciting!


Award winning screenwriter C.K. Blaine’s blog – Livingthedreamdfl

So whilst we had a laugh, the whole point was to build an audience for the book.  And here it is – it’s a lot darker than C.K. Blaine’s blog.  And it’s a trip back to Whitstable before it was so popular.

Copy of Down From London KINDLE

Twenty years ago, blocked screenwriter, C.K.Blaine stole a life.

On the summer solstice he followed a local lad out on a cataclysmic bender and turned what he witnessed into his award-winning film, Burn.

Now, under pressure from his fierce wife, Blaine is again desperate for a new story.  The local boy, thuggish Jason Jenkins, makes a sinister and ominous reappearance just as some tantalising stolen letters come into Blaine’s possession.

As the vengeful Jenkins closes in, Blaine is forced to decide if he can pull the same scam twice.  And he knows, that this time whatever he decides could mean his outwardly idyllic life by the sea goes up in flames, for good.

Click this link to buy the book for Kindle:


Massive thanks to Pete from Bespoke Book Covers for the excellent job they did on DOWN FROM LONDON.

DOWN FROM LONDON has 19 5 Star 


Gold star

I absolutely loved this book!! In fact I enjoyed it so much that I literally could not put it down and read it in ONE sitting – what a great day it was too!! As someone born and bred in Whitstable (“a local”!) the story really came alive for me with well drawn characters and atmospheric settings! It gave a glimpse of the seedier side of the town and some sinister goings on! I found the two main characters equally distasteful for very different reasons but could not drag myself away from finding out where it was all going to end! I really enjoyed the added layer of local knowledge but even without that this is really great read – highly recommended!!!

Gold star

I found this book a delight to read, Being familiar with the area this book is set in, I found parts of it wonderfully familiar and easy to imagine as matter of fact rather than fiction, while this contributed to my enjoyment I don’t think its requirement to enjoy the book, the story and the characters are more than strong enough to stand up on their own merit. Loads I want to say, but don’t want to spoil the story, Well worth buying and finding out for yourself!

Gold star

Originally bought the book as it was set in my home town, but would have loved it no matter where it was set. Felt loathing and sympathy for both of the main characters in equal measure but for different reasons. The twists and turns in the plot kept me on the edge of my seat. Once started I couldn’t put it down until I found out why, who and when !! Now I want to start it again. Who knew Whitstable had such a seedy underbelly !!


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